Access Voter Resources For Your State


Nick Akins

In a few weeks, you and I will have the chance to help shape the future of our great nation by exercising our right to vote. Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy – and a privilege and responsibility that we should not take for granted.

The public officials we elect make countless important decisions that affect us every day – as individuals, as a company and as a country. We all should play a role in choosing who gets to make these decisions.

Welcome to American Electric Power’s "Voter Information" site, a non-partisan, voter-education portal designed to help all of us stay informed and involved this election year. Using real-time tools that match you by location, you can:

  • Research candidates,
  • Pinpoint polling places, dates and deadlines,
  • Download voter registration forms for your state,
  • Read the latest election news from top media outlets

You can also share the site with friends, family or colleagues who may find the information helpful. Remind them to visit

I urge you to use this site and other resources to become more informed about the candidates and issues. And, most important, please head to the polls on Election Day to select the individuals you believe will best represent you. In our representative government, your vote is your voice.

Thank you for your involvement – and see you at the polls!

Nick Adkins

Nick Akins
President and CEO
American Electric Power